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        Graduates of the department receive a bachelor's degree, master's or engineer and can work successfully in modern industrial enterprises, research laboratories, centers, to realize themselves in the field of entrepreneurship, small business or continue their education in graduate school for a degree candidate, the doctor in control.

         High level of training based on modern laboratory-based and backed by advanced training and methodological basis for theoretical and applied training.

         Highly qualified teaching staff of the department provides a high level of training.

         The Department of ACS are 3 doctors, 14 candidates of sciences, 4 senior lecturers, 12 assistant professors.

         The Department trained more than 800 students, 37 undergraduates, 30 graduate students.
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Branches of Department

Gelendzhik              Yeisk
Cherkessk Elista
Also work is underway to expand the license and further training for the specialty department-based branch in Georgievsk.

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